Water Damage Restoration

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Services

24 Hour emergency carpet cleaning and water damage restoration services for Fort Collins and surrounding Northern Colorado area.

Whether caused by nature, a damaged water line, or a sewage back-up, water damage and flooding in your home can pose a danger to your well-being and the health of your family and loved ones as well as being very distressing. Aggie Carpet Cleaning will take care of your water damage restoration and flooding cleanup rapidly in order to protect your family and prevent further damage to your belongings.

In order to both to reverse the effects of the flooding, and to prevent any further damage from happening, it’s extremely important if you’ve had a flood situation in your home to act quickly to tackle the issue.

So, if you’ve experienced water damage to your carpet, wood or laminate flooring, give us a call ASAP so that we can deal with the situation for you. Our carpet experts will get to you as soon as possible to evaluate the damage and then promptly begin their work to extract the water from the affected region, and then dry the area with our cutting-edge tools.

It’s our desire that you never have to use our water damage services, although should it be a necessity, Aggie Carpet Cleaning is here 24/7 to help get you cleared up swiftly!

emergency carpet cleaning and flood damage restoration checklist

Emergency Flooding Checklist

We suggest taking the following steps as you wait for our team to arrive in order to help minimize the damage to your home:

  • If you are addressing serious flooding, it is wise to shut off your power. It’s not worth taking a chance on electrocution. Once we show up, we’ll provide portable generators for lighting and for our gear.
  • If at all possible, turn off the water at the source of the leak. This can usually be accomplished by turning off your water main line, either just outside your residence or within your house in lots of newer houses.
  • Leave the area immediately to avoid getting sick if the water damage or flooding is originating from a source of polluted water, for instance from a sewage line.
  • Take away possessions from the area that either have been disturbed by the flooding, or that might be disturbed. In order to lessen harm to them, begin drying out any keepsakes without delay.
  • Soak up as much of it as is possible with linens or towels if the water appears clean. The faster water is removed from the area, the less damage will likely take place.

You most likely won’t be able to get through this entire list before we get there, but this can at least offer you a head start in handling the flooding of your home, and will significantly diminish the prospects of further damage to your possessions. Call Us Today if you have had recent water damage in your household.